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AMAZON, Big Basket
 & Supermarkets

Handmade Cookies

Choco Marble_edited.jpg

Choco Marble

Get the smoothness of Chocolate and Vanilla in a celebration of these lovely flavours!

Rs.120 / 250 gm

Kesar Supreme_edited.jpg

Kesar Supreme

The regal taste of saffron blended into a beautiful mix of Mom's love and cookie dough! You cant miss this supreme taste. Call us!

Rs.160 / 250 gm

Rich Chocolate_edited.jpg

Rich Chocolate

They say Chocolate keeps you going all day. These Rich Chocolate cookies will make you pick up the phone and say...Mom, lets have some more!  

Rs.120 / 250 gm


Assorted Cookies

A delightful collection of Rich Chocolate, Chocolate Marble, Orange Zest and Butter Vanilla!

Rs.140 / 250 gm

Butter Vanilla_edited.jpg

Butter Vanilla

When you taste our Vanilla delights, delicately blended into rich butter, its simply irresistible!

Rs.120 / 250 gm

Orange Zest_edited.jpg

Orange Zest

Its time for a burst of Mandarin and Cocoa! You have never tasted anything most zestful! No preservatives, Eggless, Hand Made, Pure Vegetarian.   

Rs.120 / 250 gm

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