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Momkhatai Signature Collection - Handmade Cookies

  • Choco Marble_edited.jpg

    Choco Marble

    Get the smoothness of Chocolate and Vanilla in a celebration of these lovely flavours!

    Rs.120 / 250 gm

  • Rich Chocolate_edited.jpg

    Rich Chocolate

    They say Chocolate keeps you going all day. These Rich Chocolate cookies will make you pick up the phone and say...Mom, lets have some more!

    Rs.120 / 250 gm

  • Butter Vanilla_edited.jpg

    Butter Vanilla

    When you taste our Vanilla delights, delicately blended into rich butter, its simply irresistible!

    Rs.120 / 250 gm

  • Kesar Supreme_edited.jpg

    Kesar Supreme

    The regal taste of saffron blended into a beautiful mix of Mom's love and cookie dough! You cant miss this supreme taste. Call us!

    Rs.160 / 250 gm

  • Assorted_edited.jpg

    Assorted Cookies

    A delightful collection of Rich Chocolate, Chocolate Marble, Orange Zest and Butter Vanilla!

    Rs.140 / 250 gm

  • Orange Zest_edited.jpg

    Orange Zest

    Its time for a burst of Mandarin and Cocoa! You have never tasted anything most zestful! No preservatives, Eggless, Hand Made, Pure Vegetarian

    Rs.120 / 250 gm

  • 81cMCm2N1oL._SL1500_.jpg

    Bisko Tea 

    Dunk it in your masala chai or freshly brewed coffee, these yummies are guaranteed to melt in your mouth. Hint of freshly ground cardamom and nutmeg just takes these to another level

    Rs.100 / 250 gm

  • 71Oz76kIy5L._SL1318_.jpg

    Coconut Crunch

    When the Subtle flavor of desiccated coconut is combined with buttery cookie dough what you get is this wonderful crunch in every bite.

    Rs.120 / 250 gm

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