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It was in the summer of 1987 that our mother, Sandhya Bhat, made her first batch of handmade cookies, in her new oven. As the sweet aroma from her kitchen began to waft across the street, our neighbours knocked on our door, curious to know what was baking. Their enquiries turned into requests, requests became orders, and before we knew it, our mother's kitchen was a little factory of its own!


To give our mother’s famous cookies the best shot at reaching more customers, we established Momkhatai in 2017, an endeavor that blends our mother's trademark formula of love and attention with the professional management of a modern bakery. 


Today, at Momkhatai, we bake delicious handmade and other varieties of cookies catering to a vast number of customers. Momkhatai packaged cookies are available in supermarkets, retail stores across Bangalore city and are also    available online through Amazon India and Big Basket. We also undertake bulk supplies of all varieties of our cookies.


With the grand success of our cookies, we diversified into a variety of bakery products in 2019, offering our customers cakes, pastries, baked snacks and desserts. We supply these products for parties, events, business and family get-togethers.

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